It's Finally Friday - ideas for the weekend

This Friday I'm not so excited as it's the end of the half-term. Boo!! And as I'm going back to school on Monday I think this weekend I should have a nice, calm weekend just lying on my bed. But if you're not good at 'just lying' then here are 5 peaceful things you can do on your own:

1. Read a book
2. Go on a walk in your garden or local meadow
3. Have a nap
4. Write a book
5. Go on a bike ride

Now you might want to do something with a friend so here are another 5 things to do with a friend

1. Read or create a blog with your friend. (Get permission from an adult first)
2. Have a teddy bear's picnic
3. Go outside and build a den
4. Make up a game for two
5. Do some baking with a friend

And if that's not enough here's a 6.

6. Organize and have a pyjama party or sleepover

So hopefully this has helped clear and relax your brain before going back to school.


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  2. hi lex, i did do 3 of things on your review


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