AQUILA: One of my favourite magazines

AQUILA is one of the best magazines in the world. When Puffin Post, a magazine I got, stopped I was really sad because I loved receiving a magazine through the post. Then in December 2012 for a Christmas present my grandparents bought me a subscription to a magazine called AQUILA. I was thrilled and teared open my issue eagerly.

One of the brilliant things about AQUILA is the fact that every single magazine has a different topic it's focusing on. So my first ever issue in December was a Christmas special. Then the most recent one February 2014 is on Scandinavia. In that issue I learnt that nowadays Iceland is part of Scandinavia. My favourite are the magazines where it's on countries because we get letters from subscribers who live in the country and some get published in the magazine. I love finding out what life is like in different countries around the globe. The issue I liked the most was................................. ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!

My favourite page is Over to You where subscribers send letters in to the magazine about themselves and what they like about AQUILA. I like this so much because I get to read poems, find out about places and get new book recommendations. My other favourite page is Pen Friend Club (which isn't in every issue) where people who would like to receive letters from fellow AQUILA subscribers get their name, age and a few of their hobbies put on the page and then people who think they'd be interested in writing to the person write letters to them. I'm lucky to have my own Pen Friend.

AQUILA is great for anyone 7-14 who is interested in learning new things every month and loves receiving things through the mail - you should check it out.

What magazines do you like to read?


  1. Lexie! An excellent review! However, you used the word "got!" What would Miss Doswell say!! LOL!

  2. I like to read the RSPCA mags.
    Molly X


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