A mysterious book taking you back and forward in time: A year without Autumn by Liz Kessler

A Year Without Autumn is absolutely amazing. Jenni and Autumn are best friends. Every year they go to their timeshare apartment Riverside Village. It never changes. But this year something does. On her way to Autumn's apartment Jenni finds she's been moved precisely one year in time. She can't find Autumn's apartment at all - where is she? Jenni skipping a year has lots of consequences. Can she change them? Why are they in such a state? What actually happened? What made Jenni miss a year of life? And most importantly, How will she get back? Her friendship with Autumn is gone, gone forever, will they ever make up or even see each other again?

I adored this gripping tale -  full of nerves, anxiety, happiness, sadness and most of all confusion. I really just wanted to read on. It had loads of suspense and the author made sure she used the techniques which build up the suspense at just the right moment using short sentences and well-chosen vocabulary and punctuation. It was so lovely; I keep thinking how sad or happy Jenni must have felt throughout the book.
 If you could look into the future would you look? That's the question it asks and before reading this book I'd probably say yes because I think it'd be cool but now I've I read it the answer would definitely be no. Don't wish your life away - that's what the book's about but I like it because it's said through an fabulous mystery and adventure book.

This is an amazing, brilliant must read for children 9+ and some adults would like it as well. I'm persuading my mum to read it because I think - in fact I know - she'll love it just like me (but in a different way!).


Unless you think you can finish it in time DO NOT read this book before you go to bed because if you don't finish it before you're meant to be asleep you'll stay up until you do!!!


  1. Wow, Lexie, what a review! You've "sold" me on this one. It's now on my TBR list. Thank you! :D

  2. wow lexie although i'm only 7 i'm going to have to read this book

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    1. Yes you have to - start reading it the second you've finished your other book.


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