Watching the Nutcracker ballet in London

On the 5th of January my mum, my sister, my Nan-nan and I went to the Coliseum in London to watch the Nutcracker as a ballet.

Once we'd arrived in London we got a taxi to the Coliseum. I found it really nice driving around in London listening to the bustle of the city.

Finally we were there, we walked and it was filled with people. We had a drink whilst we were waiting and me and my sister were super-worried about time but it turned we had to wait for quite a long time.

Then the orchestra started playing - they were playing music so sweet and pure. You could see them all, from harps to pianos and violins. After about 5 minutes the performance began. There was Clara getting ready for the ball, there was her brother being very cheeky indeed, there were the maids hurrying themselves and helping Clara and there was mother in her fine dress. There were some beautiful scenes in the ballroom and outside in the frost. It was then that Clara received the nutcracker. It gets broken by her brother the mischief-maker but fortunately it was fixed again. Clara just can't sleep so she goes downstairs and falls to sleep there - that was her dream began. Rats, snowflakes, the sugar plum fairy there was all.

Afterwards we had a delicious dinner at a nearby Prezzo.

I really adored the ballet because it was simply charming and very clever. It was amazing how talented some of the children were - they were only about 10-15!! I love to do that but I'll never reach their standards. If you have seen it you'll know how gorgeous and effortless it looked.  The costumes were great and the scenery was so wintery and festive.  Thank you Nan-nan for finishing our Christmas holiday so perfectly.


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