Holes: The book with the cleverest plot ever!!!

As part of a school project, we were assigned to read the book Holes.

I'm going to be completely honest with you, I wasn't very enthuastic at first, though once I got into it I really got into it!

Stanley Yelnats is sent to Camp Green Lake where the rain never falls and where there is no greenery or a lake as he was accused of stealing a very famous pair of slippers. At camp the boys have to dig holes 5 feet deep and 5 feet across in the blazing sun. They can't stop until they finish. It's said as a punishment but deep down Stanley knows that the staff want something else - something big that could lead to fame and lots of money.  Fortunately Stanley is friends with the boys but one day they start to act weird. This leads to all sorts of problems including a very, very serious one.

I loved this book and have awarded it:

Cleverest plot twist
Book with the most mixed emotions

The main reason this book is one I thoroughly enjoyed is the very clever change in the book but I also love it as you experience sad  - which when you come to think of it you wouldn't want to feel - but in a book I adore the emotion. I felt the anxiety, sympathy, joy and the huge struggle for Stanley towards the end of the book. At the finishing of the book I did feel very pleased. As well as that Louis describes the setting extremely well - you really feel like you're actually there standing right under the scorching sun sweating your life away!!!

My favourite character was Stanley as he knew what to do in hard situations and faced his problems no matter how hard, scary or difficult they were.
 My least favourite character was X-Ray for it seemed like an important leader of the gang and told Stanley that if he found anything then Stanley should give it to him. I also didn't really like Mr Pendanski because he acted like he was a nice, old fellow but inside he wasn't; he called Zero names and made fun of him saying things like 'he's so stupid, he doesn't even know he's stupid'. In my opinion he received exactly what he deserved from Zero.

So if you have a chance - READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!  


  1. I have read this book an loved it! We are actually currently reading this book in class!


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