Christmas in a VERY grand hotel: Oakley Court

On Christmas day me and my family all went to a hotel in Windsor called Oakley Court for some Christmas lunch and to stay overnight.

First appearances (outside) : It seemed extremely posh and grand. I also thought it looked very beautiful with its turrets with small statues on and there was a carved reindeer with a shiny, scarlet bauble for a nose.

First appearances (inside) : The thoughts were staying with me. There was a gorgeous staircase leading upstairs and a few visible rooms - the lounge and the bar. Of what I could see they appeared to be rather amazing. I felt very proud and fortunate that I was staying there.

Our rooms : We had 4 rooms, one for me, my sister and my brother, one next door for my parents, one opposite for my grandparents and one for my aunt. Our room was nice and sposy: a large double bed for me and my sister to share and on the floor a smaller bed for my brother. Opposite our bed was a lovely TV we could watch when we wanted to chill. Next to that was a desk neatly presented. We had a lovely view through our window.

Christmas lunch : After popping in to our rooms it was time for lunch. Finally! I do like my food. We had a nice table with Christmas crackers. Did I win? No! Our lunch was a buffet which I thought was quite good for it meant I could have some turkey, some beef and some pork and then go back up for seconds. My favourite was the beef as it was juicy and tender - I can almost taste it now. For dessert I just had little chocolates since the main had filled me up enough. Halfway through our meal Father Christmas came up to the table and gave me, my sister and my brother a present. I received a fashion doll who you style which was really nice present. I have to admit I did eat plenty of food.

Outside : Once the adults had eventually finished (you know what their like - gossip, starter, more gossip, main, even more gossip, dessert and then chat chat chat chat chat etc.!) we all (well me, my brother, my mum, my dad and my granddad) all went for a nice, peaceful walk in the gardens. It's ideal for the river Thames ran right past the garden. By this time it was getting dark so these pretty fairy lights turned on in the trees and on the hotel. The hotel looked simply charming and kind of spooky. Carved out of tree wood was a scene of lions prowling around and climbing up the tree.

Dinner : We played some games and opened some presents and then it was time for tea - well us children are always hungry - even after having a massive lunch. It was a buffet again. The delicious mains, breads, crackers, the starters. I took my fill alright! It was in the dining room which was definitely grand with engravings on the ceiling and a gorgeous chandelier, lovely sofas and chairs in the posh space and a beautiful view from the window.

Bed : Finally it was the end of a very lovely but packed day. I snuggled into my soft, cosy bed and tried to go to sleep but unfortunately my brother is very chatty and irritating. At last I got to sleep.

Breakfast : Again it was a buffet - which is really good, I'd made the most of it having 2 croissants, 1 Danish swirl, 2 slices of toast and honey and 1 bowl of cereal. I found it very yumolicious indeed; it definitely filled me up.

Swimming Pool :  Then after we'd finished and got changed into our swimming costumes we walked down to the pool. It looked lovely, I couldn't wait to get in. I did lots of swimming - and messing about. Halfway through the middle my friend 'Um' came in (I befriended her at lunch) so we did some more messing about/experimenting and trying to stand on the woggle.

Unfortunately once we'd had a drink in the dining room it was time to leave. I had a brilliant time and would love to come back again.

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