A so-sad book about friendship: Forbidden Friends by Anne-Marie Conway

Forbidden Friends tells the story of Bee and Lizzie, two girls who meet each other in Spain and become firm friends. They love it - all the freedom from their parents and enjoying the summer sunshine. But once the girls start chatting they realise a mystery is happening. Lots of questions and lies rise to the surface and the friends are determined to solve it. Have they ever met before? What was in the mysterious letter?
Will the girls solve the mystery before it's too late and they head back home or will they find an answer??????

I ADORED this book sooooooooooooooooooo much because of its theme: Friends and how close they are. As well as that I love mystery books maybe as it seems impossible but there's always an answer and all the guessing of what happened. All through the book I just wanted to skip to the end and find out what the answer was. Anne-Marie gives clues throughout the book very well. Also I loved it because it was really, really, really sad - I cried so many times - you'd know what I mean if you read it. I like the fact the author swaps from what Bee's going through to what Lizzie's going through - it helps you see the book in a different perspective.

My favourite character was Bee since she was going through a really tough and emotional time but just tried to keep calm and help her Nan and Mum. She also stayed out of their way when they were upset. I don't think she was that nosy at all - she was doing what any girl would do in a situation like hers. She was quite clever - with the help of her neighbour Bailey. When she met Lizzie she built up confidence and wrote some really sweet poems.

If you're a fan of Jacqueline Wilson (like me) then you should definitely read this.  And it would be a great gift for your best friend too!


  1. sounds very sad but good.
    whose point of view did u like the most?

    1. I liked the both, at times Bee's but at others Lizzie's. Overall, probably Lizzie. But just about.


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