Visiting Santa at Westfield

Last weekend me and my family went to Westfield to see Santa. Yes I do know what your thinking: already. Well why can't you be Christmassy on November 30th?

Everyone was sooooo excited while we drove to London - why wouldn't you be? We had heaps of time before we went to go see Santa so guess what we did. lunch at Pizza Express (yum) and then Shopping. We went into a bookshop called Foyles and I bought a National Geographic: Weird but True book.* I did more browsing and we went into the Lego Shop which I had a LOT more fun in than I thought I would.

Then it was time...

We went in and unfortunately had to queue for quite a long time (it was definitely worth it though). While we were doing that the staff were taking pictures of us and asking for our names so I started wondering why. I soon knew. Everyone was called into this room with a large screen. A mini cinemas. We were handed these 3D glasses and the movie began. It was a 4D movie called Elbow Saves Christmas with sight and touch.

The clip was about a naughty elf who was jealous about all the children receiving presents but after his flight he became a nice elf so he did get a present after all. It was funny because each gift had a name tag and photograph on of us, the people watching the video.

Next we queued to go and see Santa Claus - he told me to be a patient big sister and asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I replied a complete art set; you know the type: paints, watercolour pencils, chalks and oil pastels. At the end there was a photo taken and we were given an early gift. Mine was a book - short but funny.

Overall I had a 'absolutely awesome time' and would so recommend you book it if you happen to go to Westfield in London any time (well obviously in the festive season).

*Did you know there's a horse so small she sleeps in a dog kennel.

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