The Book for Writers who love to L.O.L: Darcy Burdock by Laura Dockrill

Darcy Burdock is (as you might have guessed) a book about a girl named Darcy. She spots the extraordinary on days we could say are just usual. She is a 'mermalade' - half mermaid and half marmalade (an absolutely normal object). The only reason she's not full mermaid is that she's not a girly girl. As for her appearance - she won't like it if she finds out what I'm going to say - she has horrible, tangled hair which is like a lazy bird's nest. Like me, Darcy is desperate to become a writer. Besides chocolate, sweets and bangers all her money - if she can get her hands on some that is - is spent on fresh, new notebooks.

Darcy Burdock is the book on Darcy's life. Throughout the book are stories in itself that Darcy has written from her own experiences or just from plain imagination. My favourite was 'Screaming Gloria and Edward Vinegar.'

One of the reasons I adored this book is the stories inside the story, I thought it was quite interesting and definitely an inspiration to me because as I said I really want to be a writer too so I can feel how she does. Also it was an 'extremely funny read'.
  If you've read the 'Girl Writer' series and enjoyed it this is a book for you and so if you do love Darcy Burdock, which I'm sure you will, then I'd recommend the 'Girl Writer' set by Ros Asquith.

My favourite character was of course Darcy as she is just like me (maybe except for her looks) and a massive inspiration and I will follow my dreams.

I'd like to say another GIGANTIC Thank-You to Lauren from Random House.

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