Frozen: A very sad and snowy film

At the weekend me, my godmother and her girlfriend took me out to the Empire Cinema to see Frozen. I was really pleased and excited because I'd seen adverts about it that looked very interesting.

First we bought loads of sweets (don't you think that's one of the most important things?) and then it was time for the movie to start.

Frozen is about a queen with ice powers called Elsa and her sister Anna. When they're younger Elsa is messing around with her ice magic and accidentally strikes Anna. They cast a spell so she forgets it but from that day Elsa is locked in her room trying to control her power. Then their Mum and Dad die so Elsa has to open up the door and become Queen but with the magic she has it isn't as easy as it could be so once Elsa shows her power and what she can actually do by complete accident Elsa runs away leaving the kingdom in snow and Anna follows to attempt to get her to come back and turn it back to the way it was.

There are some extremely sad parts in Frozen, but I didn't cry - I almost did though! Some of the songs sung throughout the film were really touching and that's why I adored it. My favourite character was the snowman as a) he was so funny and b) because although he was hilarious he also had a kinder side to him which came out occasionally.

I totally recommend the film to those who like sad films with hints of funniness and romanticness (yes I do know that's not a word).  So if you go to the cinema and can't choose what to watch then take my word and go see Frozen.

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