A Christmas Wish List for 9 year olds

1. Complete art set including a canvas.
Art to me is so fun - I like coming up with new ideas because I can be creative, no-one can tell me what to produce. I love using my imagination and spending hours on things but I don't have the professional tools

2. Telescope for beginners with a mini astronomy booklet
I started being interested in astronomy when we did a whole project on space at school. I realised it was so fascinating - the star constellations, the planets I want to be part of that.

3. A Furby Boom
I've seen these been advertised and shown on several adverts and programmes - they seem so cute and funny. Also my sister's friend has one and I've seen it and really enjoyed talking to it.

4. Stompeez slippers
Again I saw these slippers being advertised and since I have worn my old slippers out my feet are quite cold in the morning.

5. Leopard print onesie
These onesie are sooooooooooo cosy and snug but fashionable at the same time so when I arrive home from school I can just slip it on.

6. Fluffy shawl (ideally leopard print)
Whenever we go on a walk in the spring on summer I always have to put a coat on. Inconveniently I hate coats but reluctantly put one anyway. The reason I don't like them is that they're not fashionable whatsoever but these shawls are so on a day (when it's not raining I can put it on and go for that walk.

7. Subscription to the Jacqueline Wilson magazine
Occasionally I buy this magazine and love it so much maybe because I'm Jacqueline Wilson's top fan and at the back they advertise the subscription, I always know that I do want the subscription. My favourite page is the embarrassing cringes page. Well Done to those who are brave enough to send theirs in.

8. Renewal to AQUILA magazine
My grandparents bought this for me after Puffin Post stopped. I adored it. My favourite pages are 'Over to You' when fellow subscribers send their letters in and 'Who told you that' were well-known facts and sayings are shown incorrect. I also like it because every month there's a different theme to the magazine.

9. Design your own t-shirt kit
I want to be a fashion designer when I'm older so this is good practice.

10. Adopt a whale
On my holiday we went whale-watching and saw lots of whales. Since them I've developed an interest in whales.

11. Beautiful notebook with my name embroided in
I just LOVE writing - I can't stop so new notebooks always come in handy.

12. A fountain pen but not too fancy that I can't take it to school
Loving writing means I love pens but some are too dull. I do like fancy ones but I do like taking them to school to write with as well.

13. A Chess set
I love Chess but I only ever play it on our iPad or a little magnetic one so I'd like a proper wooden set.

14. Monopoly Electronic
I saw this game in a leaflet when I opened our Monopoly up, it's seems like it's cleaner and easier to pack away and set up.

15. A treehouse
When writing it'd be a cosy place which will inspire me so much. Also it'd be lots of fun playing 'home' up there with my sister and brother. I love climbing too so it would be fun getting up into the tree.

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