You'll be laughing your head off with Billionaire Boy.

Billionaire Boy tells the story of Joe, a boy who could have absolutely ANYTHING he wants, except a friend. He doesn't fit in at his posh school for everyone there knows his Dad makes his fortune through making toilet paper so Joe asks his Dad if he can go to a normal school where no-one knows who he is. Joe does make a friend so all is going well until Joe screws things up with Bob. Then Joe thinks he's found a real friend though things start turning suspicious.

Everyone should read this book, if you have a good sense of humour that is. I loved this book so much as I adore a good laugh and Billionaire Boy is written by top comedian David Walliams. I don't think I had a favourite character because all the characters had a bad kind of side to them and although this sounds kind of goody goody of me I prefer the nice characters with no dark parts of them.

There is a moral in this story but that doesn't make it a cheesy book. It isn't. The moral is even told through humour: money isn't everything, there are better things in life than money.

So now you should know why you MUST read this book but be quick as I think kids would find it funnier than adults.

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