What goes up must come down, right? Wrong, well at least not in The London Eye Mystery

The London Eye Mystery is the exciting book which tells the story of Ted Spark, Kat Spark and the terror of losing their cousin Salim. Salim and Aunt Gloria come to visit the Spark family in London. When Salim suggests going on the London Eye the others agree that it's a great idea. Whilst Salim, Kat and Ted are queuing a man comes up and offers them a ticket. As he was much nearer the front than they were they accepted the ticket and gave it to Salim. He went up but didn't come down.

I loved this book because it's an interesting read which unravels several clues as the story develops and it's a mystery (as you may have guessed) and I adore mystery books. I couldn't put it down - it was impossible, I definitely gobble up books in one go especially mysteries. I'd so recommend it to those aged 9-13 who love a good mystery or a quite complicated story.

The London Eye Mystery has actually won a couple of awards (not to my surprise) those of which being the NASEN Children's Book Award and the CBI Bisto Book of the Year Award. Also it was shortlisted for the Red House Children's Book Award. As well as that it is now one of my favourite books.

'Compulsive Reading' Independent
'Immediately Appealing' Guardian
'Exciting Read' Lexie, What Lexie Loves



  1. great lexie it sounds good. I am so going to get and read this book

  2. Sounds like a great book lex! (its me mols)

    1. Yeah - it is - you should definitely read it.


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