The Beautiful Runnymede Hotel

For my Grandad's 70th (yep 70th) birthday we went to the Runnymede Hotel in Surrey for lunch. As I walked in I felt proud and lucky to be there. It's roomy, well decorated and in a lovely location. Right by the Thames seems perfect to me. While we waited for my Grandad to arrive we played on these giant and I mean GIANT beanbags as well as playing massive Connect Four on the bank of the Thames. Finally he, my Nan-nan and my Aunt arrived.

 We were seated and brought our menus. I spent ages deciding on what to have. Eventually I decided on a starter of soup and bread, a main of pasta and tomato sauce and after all that a scrumptious dessert of jelly and ice-cream. I really enjoyed my food. Once we'd finished we spent more time playing on the bank waiting for the adults to finish their meal. (You know what they're like.)

After our Dad had finished he took us to the play-area like he had promised us. The signs led us past the beautiful pool and the tennis courts. Unfortunately as we weren't residents we couldn't go in (boo - I wanted to go for a swim). Anyway we arrived at the play-area and off we ran exploring the slide, the mini climbing wall and the swings.

I really enjoyed my time at the Runnymede Hotel and I'd love to stay there someday.

I should say, we went back in August - sorry it's taken me so long to write this blog post about it!

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  1. That sounds like an incredible experience! You mentioned something about coming back to this place sometime around this August. Were you going back for another celebration? I hope your second stay in this place will be as wonderful as your first one. Have a great day!

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guests Lodge


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