Strictly Come Dancing: definitely the best show in the whole universe (don't even try to change my mind)!

I'm loving this series of Strictly Come Dancing - finally it's on again - I've been waiting absolutely AGES for it to come back. A year is far too long for me as I adore the show, we can NEVER miss it.


Me, my sister and my brother always get into trouble though because we dance around the room and right in front of the telly - surely everyone does that!?!?

This year I so want Sophie and Brendan to win because Sophie is a brilliant dancer and she can show the story of the dance through her movement whatever emotion she's meant to be showing. Love or hatred she can do them all. My favourite dance of hers so far HAS to be her Charleston that's my favourite dance and she made it a big bubble of fun but now I come to think of it I did enjoy watching that Cha Cha Cha that she did.

I'm loving the costumes this year, they're not disappointing me and I can't pick a favourite, yet. I think I'm in to the dresses which are short and with tassels or as I call it tessels (get it?)

 Who do you think should win????  And who are you loving so far this year????


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  1. Cool, lexie! I love strictly, my favourites are Natelie and Artem! What r yours! I have to get a blog soon or else! (bit of persuasive text there!)
    Neat work lex!


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