My Girls Weekend away in Chichester (and our drive to West Wittering beach).

When I woke up on Saturday I was feeling sooooooooooo excited. Me, my mum and my sister were going away for a girls weekend to Chichester.

The hotel we stayed in was called 'The Ship Hotel' and it was very nice.

They had brilliant spiral staircases for a first glance with a modern reception room. When we arrived in our room I gasped, it was extremely sposy (a mix between spacious and cosy). The view from our window was lovely. You could see the mix between trees and the beautiful city below. One of the things in our room that really caught my attention was that real scripts of a play were overlapping each other to form a wallpaper, I thought it was a really clever and unique design.

Once we'd got all our luggage up to our room we went on a walk around the city. First we went to the Pallant House gallery and it was really interesting. I especially enjoyed seeing Eric Ravilious' wood engraving. I found it extremely clever. Also I found the dress made of 10 000 balloons really cool but definitely weird. After the old bits we went into the new modern bits. I liked the bright colours and black outlines with Patrick Caulfield's artwork.

Of course then we wanted to do some shopping. We went in about 60 zillion quillion shops. During this time I bought myself some watercolour paints, a yoyo and some nail stickers and I was very tempted to buy some chocolate but I had to resist. I'd spend way to much time choosing which type of chocolate to buy!

After doing our shopping we went for dinner at Prezzo, the style was a lot more different to my local one and I liked that. I had mozzarella sticks (my favourite), margarita pizza and for dessert these chocolate profiteroles that were the 3 s (so-super-scrumptious). I LOVE CHOCOLATE PROFITEROLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day we woke up in our snug beds and had a yummy breakfast at the hotel.

We went to the city cathedral and we popped our heads through the door.

 We couldn't go in though because they were holding a service for it was Remembrance Sunday. Of what we could see the cathedral looked beautiful. Lovely stained glass window and carving in the rock. Then we went into Waterstones for a book browse - we've got to prepare for our Christmas lists!

Unfortunately we had to leave but we weren't going to go home just yet. We drove to West Wittering beach for a nice walk.

 I couldn't believe that we were actually on a beach in mid November! It was even quite sunny. We collected shells and rocks but even though it was warm enough to be on the beach it certainly wasn't hot enough to go in the water. There was a part of the beach were you sank down into the pure sand. It was so fun.

Eventually it was time to leave and go back home.
Bye Chichester, bye West Witterings hope we see you soon!!!!!



  1. Sounds like an epic place lexie lemon!

  2. Hi, Lexie :) I saw your link posted in a comment on Erik's blog and thought I'd take a little look-see. Glad I did!

    My name is Donna and I live in the U.S. I like your blog and really enjoyed reading this about you, your sister and mum. That breakfast looked VERY yummy!

    I also think it's wonderful you want to be a writer (that's what I do, too, and illustrate), and an artist and even like chess. I like chess, too :) In fact, I'm very involved on Have you ever tried You'd probably enjoy that, too!

    Also, my blogs aren't launched yet (I hope some time in January), but I plan to post things for young people, too, on writing and on creativity. You may like them :) I'm glad I found you and your blog, Lexie :D

    1. Thanks Donna. I had a look a your blog and thought it was really good too. I do like chess so much but haven't tried before but I will definitely take a look at it. When your blogs are launched do let me know - I will certainly look at them.


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