5 Things I Want To Do / My Bucket List 2018

Hi there! Today I'm doing a super exciting collab with Nabila from Hot Town Cool Girl. Nabila and I have been blogger friends for YEARS now, and to celebrate both of our 5 year blogiversarys which are so close to each other, we are doing a collab and will be sharing 5 Things I Really Want To Do. I have a lot of aspirations and am always saying 'ooo I must do this at some point', so thought I'd would compile a little list. Make sure you go check out Nabila's bucket list here.

1. Finish NaNoWriMo.

If you haven't heard of NaNo, basically it's a challenge which loads of writers sign up to and try to write 50,000 in one month (November). I've done NaNo before, but I 'only' (I'm still very proud) wrote 24k words that month (read about it here). I'm not taking part this year, however, although I definitely will next November!! I would love love love to one month reach that 50k and have a completed book - how cool would that be?

2. Go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa near Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, and has a natural pool 'filled with minerals'. Apparently the water is baking hot but the outside air is freezing and it's an insane sensation, so I really want to experience it myself. Plus Iceland is stunning so I definitely want to visit. Bonus would be if I could go and see the Northern Lights at the same time.


3. Go to a red carpet event.

Either as a celebrity, or as a journalist/blogger covering event... I would just LOVE to be invited to a red carpet event; it would be such an honour and overall a fun evening. Plus, I'd get to meet all my favourite celebs.

4. Fly in a hot air balloon.

I'm pretty sure I would end up being petrified, but it's an experience I definitely want to have done at some point in my life, I can imagine it would be so exhilarating (and imagine the Insta photos;)). And if I did do this, I'd definitely want to do it in some beautiful place like Paris or Rome, because of the incredible views!!

5. Fly upper class.

I'm not sure why this is something I desperately want to do before I die... it just is!! Flying upper class has always excited and intrigued me, and I know one day I really want to save up money and splurge on that upgrade. Whether it's ACTUALLY worth the money or not, I'm not sure, but it's something that hopefully I'll be lucky enough to experience one day.

Have you done any of these things? Were they fun? Scary? Not worth the hype? Let me know in the comments below!! And tell me what's on YOUR bucket list. Make sure to check out Nabila's post here: I have loooaaadddsss more things on my bucket list so let me know if you want to see a Part 2? I'll be back soon with some new posts (I've got some great new content coming up over the next couple of months).



25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas - What Lexie Loves

Hi everyone!! Firstly, I wanted to say Happy Diwali to all my Sikh, Hindu and Jain readers out there:) And Happy November!! I cannot believe it's less than 6 weeks until my favourite day of the whole year aka Christmas Day. And today I'm sharing a bit of a festive blog post that will (hopefully) be helpful to all you bloggers, journalists and content creators (particularly anyone doing Blogmas)... 25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas. I promise I won't do loads of festive posts just yet, however I wanted to get this published fairly early as I know many bloggers are starting to plan their Blogmas posts now.

These ideas would work for an assortment of different niche blogs, particularly lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food blogs:) Make sure you let me know if you find this post helpful - I always love hearing your feedback and comments!

1. The Perfect Red/Berry Lipstick(s)
2. How To Do Christmas Right In ___ (insert name of a city you're familiar with like London or New York)
3. The Best (Or The Ugliest) Christmas jumpers
4. Creative Ways To Make Use Of Christmas Meal Leftovers
5. DIY Christmas D├ęcor

6. 10 Gifts Under £10
7. The Best (or if you want to be controversial, Worst) Christmas Films Of All Time
8. Christmas Wishlist
9. The Advent Calendars You're Desperate To Try Out But Can't Justify Spending The Money On
10. Incredible Charities That Are Particularly In Need Of Support Around Christmas

11. Interview Different Friends & Family About Their Christmas Traditions
12. Most Underrated Christmas Songs
13. Your Favourite Christmas Books
14. 5 Festive Recipes That You Couldn't Live Without
15. Your Christmas Day Makeup Look

16. The Best Christmas Candles
17. The Winter Dress Edit
18. New Year's Resolutions (not Christmassy but you know!!)
19. Christmas/Winter Lookbook
20. Write a Festive Poem

21. Christmas Traditions Everyone Should Adopt
22. 5 Homemade Gift Ideas
23. A Letter To Santa
24. Unique Gingerbread Recipes (I saw someone once who made gingerbread doughnuts)
25. The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and found some of these ideas useful... if you do use any of them definitely let me know and I'll give your post a read:) Do you celebrate Christmas? How are excited are you for Christmas, on a scale from Grinch to Mariah Carey?! Let me know in the comments below:)

Lexie x


*Note: for my long-term readers you may remember I did this same post last year, however it's not the exact same post... I've included some different ideas (although some are the same). I figured most people won't remember that post, plus most of my current readers are new! I just thought I'd let you know in case anyone thought I was just completely recycling old content*


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Let's Talk About Periods... Collab With Absolutely Olivia

Hi! Today I'm super excited as I'm doing a collab with one of my all-time FAVE bloggers: Olivia from Absolutely Olivia. Her blog is a lifestyle and fashion blog, and she speaks out loads about activism and feminism, which is so so cool and important. Today, we're doing a collab all about periods, the taboo surrounding it and period poverty. I've also contacted UK-based charity Bloody Good Period, who give menstrual supplies to refugees and asylum seekers who can't afford them, and we've done a little interview, and on Olivia's blog she's done an interview with #happyperiod, so go check her post out too!!

In my eyes, I think periods are ridiculously tabooed and kept quiet when they shouldn't be. My friends and I talk about periods and cramps and all that jazz all the time, yet I never see it talked about on other people's blogs, social media and films/TVs, even though it's a normal part of life for around 50% of people. And because of this taboo, people don't talk about period poverty enough and don't realise just how much of an issue it is. Did you know that the average woman will spend a rough estimate of £4800 in her life-time on period supplies? I didn't either until I started planning this post, and I was shocked at that figure. How on earth are people on low incomes, like refugees, going to access them? This is where Bloody Good Period helps as much as it can. I contacted Alice, who works at BGP, to answer some questions I had regarding period poverty:

What are ways your organisation fights period issues across the UK?

We provide menstrual supplies to Asylum Seekers and Refugees through established drop-ins across London, and one in Leeds. We also aim to raise awareness of the issues through events, discussion and protests (see our bloody laundry protest:

What is your definition of period poverty?

Not being able to afford menstrual supplies, not having access to free menstrual supplies, or having to make a choice between buying menstrual supplies or other essential items such as food.

How can we help to remove the stigma around periods?

We believe the best way to remove the stigma is to talk about it, we encourage people of all ages to discuss their experiences with periods.

How can an individual help prevent period poverty in other ways than just donating money?
They can donate pads to us by using our Amazon Wishlist or run a collection for us, pop a box in your office and watch the donations flow in!
How does period poverty affect girls in ways other than just discomfort?
We don't have any official data on this as an organization but there are mental health issues which can arise from a lack of access to hygiene products and not having access to essential items like menstrual supplies can cause stress and anxiety.
Realistically, could abolishing period poverty be something that happens in the next few years, or is something that will take decades to get rid of?
In the UK, it could be achieved if the government agreed to make menstrual products freely available to those who need them, and we've seen some progress with this in certain areas ( It's not impossible to solve this issue within the next decade, but we need to keep putting pressure on the government to offer to fund free menstrual supplies.
Could companies who sell feminine hygiene products do anything to help?
They can and are in some cases, we get donations directly from companies occasionally. They can donate their products for free to organisations such as ours, and they can work on the way they market their products to help with the stigma.
How does the stigma around menstruation affect period poverty?
If you can't talk about your period, you can't get help when you need it, that's why we think talking about periods is essential to break down the stigma.
Thank you so much to Bloody Good Period, for answering these questions, and supporting those who need it:) I think breaking the stigma around periods is so so important, particularly as a teenage girl. If you can, donate to Bloody Good Period (here) or just do your part by raising awareness and using your. Speak up!!

I hope you've all enjoyed this post - and make sure you check out Olivia's post out here!! I'll be back soon with another blog post:)


Affordable Gifts For Teen Girls + Caseapp Collab with 20% Discount Code!!

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Hey!! Now, this is not exactly a Christmas post (I've been repeatedly told it's too early for anything like that... despite me desperately wanting to start playing All I Want For Christmas Is You and putting up my mini Christmas tree), however it is a post that I think will be very useful in the months leading up to Christmas. Today, I will be sharing my Top 5 Affordable Gift Ideas For Teen Girls and as a teen girl myself, I feel very confident in my picks. These are all under £20 and would make great birthday presents (or Christmas presents, for that matter). This is also a super exciting post, as it's a collab with Caseapp... an amazing phone case + laptop skin brand that's based internationally. (Also, stay tuned as I actually have a 20% off discount code to use when ordering from Caseapp).

1. Phone Cases

Most teenagers these days, myself included, have their own mobile phone (and use it all the time). Because phones get used so frequently, it's important that they are protected (because no teenage girl wants to have to deal with angry parents because she broke her expensive mobile and now wants a new one). However, just having a plain, bulky phone case is not cool, which is why phone case companies (like Caseapp) are perfect. Caseapp literally has hundreds of designs, and you can even make your own custom iPhone case by uploading your own images onto the site. As long as you know what phone the person you're buying for has, you really can't go wrong with buying them a phone case. (Plus, if you go to you can use my 20% off discount code... WHATLEXIELOVES20. Two of my favourite cases (for inspiration) are:
This cute lemons case!


I have this pink, strawberries phone case myself and got loads of compliments on it during school!!

2. Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray

This spray has become really popular lately, and is a great gift for pretty much all teenage girls, particularly those who are into their skincare and makeup. This spray is only £7, so it's nice and afforsable, but makes for a really sweet AND useful gift. You can buy from Beauty Bay here:

3. Portable charger

Portable chargers aren't the most interesting or exciting gift if I'm being completely honest, however everyoneeee could do with one, and they're so useful (def going to be on my Christmas wish-list this year!)

4. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

If the person you're buying for likes makeup, you can't go wrong with a lip-gloss, and the highly raved about Fenty Beauty one is a great shout. I have the gloss bomb myself and absolutely LOVE IT so this is definitely a great gift.

5. Gilly Hicks Bralettes

Hollister does some really cute (and super affordable) bralettes, which make perfect gifts. The bralettes are only £14-£17 and are cute, comfortable and a really sweet present.

I hope you all enjoyed this 5 Affordable Gifts For Teen Girls blog post!! Would you like to receive any of these gifts? What would you add to this list? Let me know if you'd like to see a part 2 to this, or maybe a more pricey version. Thanks to for collaborating with me (I do genuinely LOVE their cases, so remember to check them out and use my 20% discount code).