The Power Of Being 'Influenced', ft. a super cool jacket!

The other day, I was INFLUENCED. We hear this word all over the media, especially social media at the moment... but what does it really mean? Social media influencers are becoming a crucial part to brand marketing, especially for fashion and beauty brands. Influencers are people who share their opinions and thoughts on stuff on any platform, the most common ones are Instagram, YouTube or a blog. I would consider myself an influencer, as I’m a blogger and Instagrammer, and I do sometimes talk about brands and products I’m loving. But I hate the word ‘influence’ - ‘to have an effect on someone’. A lot of the time, having a voice or a platform is AMAZING and I love being able to have an effect on people, but other times I connote ‘influencing’ with pressuring. Do influencers, pressure us in to buying stuff? Make us feel like we NEED something that we don’t? As an influencer myself, I find these questions really interesting, particularly after I was influenced a couple of weeks ago.

I recently started watching Dance Moms and I became obsessed with some of the girls in it! I thought they were supa cool, so I went to follow them on Insta. My faves are Kalani, Mackenzie, Maddie and Brynn, and I think they’re all really cool and fun. If I’m being completely honest, I became slightly jealous of what appears to be a ‘perfect’ lifestyle - living in the sun, having loads of famous friends, so many fans, beautiful feeds, the best fashion and they’re literally all stunning! So when I saw this post on Kalani’s gram, I fell in love with the jacket and trousers, so I went straight to the comment section and did some digging to find the brand.... I AM GIA. I’d heard of this brand before, again via Insta, so I assumed it was a good brand, and I found a couple of bits on sale. I decided I really liked the reflective panelling and I wanted something like that for myself. Then I came back to the website a few days latwe and this jacket (the one she’s wearing in the pics), was half price. Without even properly thinking or researching the brand and what their quality, sizing, customs policy etc is like, I just went for it and bought it. I would never normally spend over £60 on something without doing that researched...... but I was influenced.

As an influencer myself, this is really really weird, as I actually get the behind the scenes, and I understand Kalani’s life won’t actually be ‘perfect’. I understand that, like me, she probably takes hundreds of pictures per shoot before picking one, and spends a while editing them. I understand that, like me, she isn’t always happy. I have breakdowns and arguments.... I’m not afraid to share that - but I don’t exactly reflect the negativity in my life through my feed, the same way I’m sure Kalani has bad days and mental breakdowns. And I’m sure most people (influencer or not) can recognise that, but I would expect me to understand that even more. That’s why I find the fact I still felt jealous of her and her feed weird........ I was influenced even though I know the realities of Insta!!

Anyway, this post isn’t just about influencing, it’s also about my jacket hehe!! With customs it totalled around £80 which is RIDICULOUS. If I could go back in time, would I decide not to buy it? Hmmm, maybe. It certainly is very expensive, and I maybe should have done some research before hand to find out how much customs would be. Howeverrrrrr, is it a badass jacket that I feel supa cool and edgy wearing? Yep! I just got back from a short break in Spain where I took loads of pics!! So here are my faves:


This doesn't show it great - but look at the reflective panelling!! It's so cool for parties and festivals.


So those are the pics of my jacket!! Follow my Insta: to see other pictures from my holiday in Spain which I'll be posting over the next couple of weeks.

Are you an influencer? Have you ever been influenced? What do you think about the word ‘influence’?

Lex xxx

The Best Films For Every Mood

It's Sundays, so for many people, that means movie night!! Now, I'm very very picky with the films I watch - I have to love the film, I won't just turn a random movie on if I think I won't like it. So, I thought I'd compile a list of the best films (in my opinion!) for every mood, from romantic films to empowering ones - sad ones to festive ones. Most of these are available on things like Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu... - I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema, as I just watch films at home!! If you want the full movie experience at home, there are a great range of Panasonic wireless home cinema systems here, which make amazing gifts or just treats for your family!

The best film if you want something... empowering: Hidden Figures!! Hidden Figures is a super lovely, emotional, empowering film about 3 black women working for NASA in the 60s. I watched it a year or so ago, but it still sticks with me as one of my fave movies ever!

The best film if you want something... to watch with your family: Pete's Dragon. I actually did a more in-depth review back in October 2017, which you can read here, but I just had to mention it in this post again. It's a very uplifting (but also emotional in parts) film that is similar to a classic Disney movie, but has a little more depth to it.

my photo:)

The best film if you want something... with a great soundtrack: La La Land. La La Land will always be one of my favourites; the songs are so beautiful (I have the soundtrack downloaded on Spotify!), I really like the characters and the actors did a great job.

The best film if you want something... uplifting: Mamma Mia HWGA. I'm pretty sure evvvverybody has seen it by now, but just in case you haven't I had to put it down as the best uplifting film.

The best film if you want something... romantic: Love, Simon!! I watched this on a plane, so I haven't had the chance to introduce this to my family, but I will do at some point. This is a very classic teen romcom kinda film, but with a twist... the focus of the play is on a relationship between two boys! It's so good to see mainstream media covering the LGBTQ+ community so well, and I highly recommend.

The best film if you want something... to make you cry: The Imitation Game. Now, this isn't a film that is full of sad moments where you should cry, however there are a couple of scenes that were super sad (I won't say what though, because I'm #spoilerfree!).

The best film if you want something... Christmassy: Love Actually. Festive films don't really apply to this time of year, but I had to mention my favourite Christmas film - Love Actually. It's so funny and sweet, plus the cinematography is beautiful!


So these are The Best Films For Every Mood! Thank you Panasonic for collaborating with me on this post. This is an ad, but all views and opinions are 100% my own!! Have you watched any of these? What are your favourite films?



Being a Woman: The Good and The Bad

It's International Women's Day 2019, so for today's post I thought I'd talk about Being A Woman. There are so many good things that I LOVE about being a woman #grlpwr, yet there are so many issues that face me as a girl, even in the 21st century! So I decided to chat to some of my family blogger friends to get their opinions on the Good and Bad of Being a Woman and include their thoughts, as well as some of my own views, in today's International Women's Day blog post.

The bad bits:(

"The worst thing is everyone always saying that my opinions only come from me being a female. Whenever I speak up about sexism, equality, or even if I point out someone saying something misogynistic, people say something like, "...Of course you feel that way, you are female.", as if my feelings don't root from my own morals/ethics."

- Rohini from RoRo K Designs.

"Personally I haven’t had any major bad experiences as a woman but I always hear harmful throwaway comments like ‘get in the kitchen’ or ‘women should do the cooking and cleaning’ which are completely unfair and unreasonable."

- Abby from Through Abs Lens on Instagram (her photos are amazing!).

As I'm only 14, I'm lucky to have not experienced anything seriously bad as a woman, but one example of implicit sexism I have noticed was when I was selected for my school's science team 4 years ago. 8 people from my year were selected for the quiz team and only 1 of them (me!) was a girl. Now, maybe it could just be that the boys in my year on the whole were better as science, but personally I believe it's because society has an unconscious gender bias and thinks that men are better at science than women. Were the boys actually better than some of the girls? Or was it just society subliminally putting these messages into our heads? I guess I'll never know!

- Me:)

And the GREAT things:)

Whilst there may be some bad things about being a woman, International Women's Day is not about celebrating the bad bits... it's about celebrating all the awesome things about being a woman!
'One of the good things about being a woman is I think we have more room to truly express ourselves especially with clothing. I was looking at pictures from a dance last year. All of the guys had the same tux on - the girls on the other hand, all had totally different dresses and shoes. Plus makeup!! Guys can of course wear makeup, but many don't because there is such a stigma.'

- Nabila from Hot Town Cool Girl

'Something good I like about womanhood is being able to express myself through a range of avenues freely. The ability to try out different looks in terms of fashion, beauty and more without judgement is great! Another great perk of womanhood is being able to have the opportunity to pro create and bring more life into the world!'

- Catherine from Written by C.A.

'In terms of sisterhood, there is power in numbers and women come together to face life. Like female friend groups helping a friend get over a break-up, girls all rally around and will provide everything from an ear for support to actual physical help such as doing their friend's laundry.... Women are born fighters.'

- Marian from Marian K

The best part of being a girl is the community it comes with. There are so many other females that are here to give support, without awkwardness or judgement. The way I could talk to any of the independent ladies out there and immediately be able to bond with them. I love having that positivity in my life.

- Rohini from RoRo K Designs

I completely agree with Rohini - I think that there is such a strong sense of womanhood these days, especially via platforms like social media. One of my favourite things about being a woman is definitely this sense of #girlpower and how female empowerment is becoming so popular in the media. There are so many women in leading roles in film + TV and there’s so many badass females I can look up to, including Jameela Jamil, Melissa Fumero, Taylor Swift and Stephanie Beatriz.


Overall, I love being a girl, and being part of this amazing community:) Whilst there are still many issues regarding equality between the sexes, and I will fight for 100% equality forever, we have come such a long way and I'm so happy to wish you all a HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. I'm a proud intersectional feminist and I have found it so interesting talking to some of my friends about what being a woman means to them.

If you're a girl.. what are your favourite things about being female? What are your least favourite things? Thanks to all the lovely people in this post for contributing:)



The Best TV Shows for Families to Watch

My family and I absolutely love to watch some TV in the evenings.. and I think many other families also enjoy this. However, sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect show that everyone in your family enjoys, so today I thought I'd compile a list of The Best TV Shows for Families, ranging from Netflix sitcoms to quiz shows! Now I'm 14, my sister is 12 and my brother is 9, so some of these may not work for people with younger kids (but I will put an age rating on those, so you know).

House of Games - Richard Osman
(quiz show)

This BBC quiz show is a firm favourite amongst my family for a couple of reasons. Firstly, whilst we don't usually know the celebrities, they're always very warm and funny; as is Richard Osman. Also, the questions are quite different - things like guess the songs and guessing the number of random things (like number of cups of tea drank per day). This makes for a fun laugh, plus it means all the family can get involved.

The Good Place
(Netflix sitcom)  - 9 and above

This Netflix original is one of my all-time faves and I highly recommend. I originally just watched it by myself, but loved it so much I suggested my family watched it too. It has got quite some thought-provoking, tricky-to-wrap-your-head-around themes, like ethics and this idea of good vs evil, which may not make it suitable for younger kids - however my brother loves it. This is an absolutely hilarious show and I cannot praise it enough.


Modern Family

My family love Modern Family - we've been watching it for years! It's so funny, and the acting is amazing - plus it has some really good plot lines (but is still character-driven). The diversity in this show is so good as well; it represents 3 very different types of family. Also, most episodes have an underlying moral which is so sweet.

Anne With An E

I haven't actually watched this one, but I've heard such good things about it, so I just had to include it! Anne With An E is a TV adaption of the amazing classic book Anne Of Green Gables, and it's next on our family's watchlist. Apparently it's so heart-warming + touching, and has beautiful videography.

Brooklyn 99 (12+ or mature 9+)
(Netflix sitcom)

I LOVE THIS SHOW! I rave about this show to anyone and everyone (you may have seen me mention it in quite a few blog posts hehe, including my latest post!) It is so wholesome and is so well -written - it's super witty and funny. Plus it's super diverse (contains 2 latina women, 2 black guys and 1 gay man) which shows lots of representation and it talks about lots of important topics like racial profiling and sexual assault, but in a not-too-heavy way. This does contain quite a few sexual references though, but nothing too inappropriate and most would go over a 9 year old's head!

So those are some of the best TV shows to watch with your family! We're always on the look-out for good television that's suitable and interesting for kids, so if you have any recommendations - please drop them below in the comments:) Have you watched any of these shows? What do you and your family love to watch? Was this helpful? Would you like a part2?

Lex x