The Perfect Cosy Winter Night In with Popcorn Shed

Hi! Happy New Year - I hope 2019 is treating you well. I always find January, whilst motivating, quite a sad month... it's cold, dark and the festivities are over:( However, one of the great things about winter nights... cosy nights in! I love a good night in, so I thought I'd share today my Perfect Cosy Winter Night In, including the fun-nest and tastiest popcorn, my fav TV shows/films and the skincare products I swear by. 

Popcorn Shed + Netflix

I'm a HUGE TV show fan (I somehow managed to watch all of Friends in 1 month!!), and for me there's nothing better than loading up Netflix, finding a great show and having a snack. Popcorn Shed are a super cool brand which sell fun, quirky flavoured popcorn, like cheese, chocolate and cherry flavoured popcorn! My personal favourite flavour is the salted caramel (shame that it's also my mum's fave, as she eaten quite a lot of mine hehe!) These fun flavours are great for a laugh with your friends, a sleepover and movie nights in (I really want to do a blind taste test with them!), and they taste amazing.

You can get their popcorn in loads of well-known retailers like Amazon, Homesense, Co-op, Ocado, Superdrug, Harrods etc, so check them out!

My favourite Netflix shows of all-time are Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place.. if you're a fan of sitcoms I highly recommend all of these - they're all so hilarious! I've just finished Alexa and Katie which is a tween show on Netflix, and it's so cute, light-hearted and funny... it really takes me back to the Disney Channel days!

Pamper sesh!

I love doing a thorough skincare routine, but most days I just forget! For my perfect winter night in though, I would really go full-out with the skincare - moisturise, exfoliate, cleanse, face mask, spot zap, face spray etc etc! I recently bought a new cleanser - the Burt's Bees deep cleansing cream - and I'm in love! I have quite sensitive skin, but it doesn't affect me at all and after using it my face feels so fresh and clear!! The other skincare product I swear by is the Mario Badescu rosewater spray. I have really dry skin, especially in the winter, and this just helps hydrate and rejuvenate it. What are your go-to skincare products?

Bubble bath

This one's prettttty self-explanatory.... you can't go wrong with a classic bubble bath. I love treating myself to bath products, particularly from Lush, and there's nothing nicer than ending your day with a warm bath.

Games night with my family!

My fam and I love playing games together, so that has to be part of my perfect night in! We have loads of favourite games, but our top ones are probably Rat-a-tat-cat, Monopoly Empire, Cluedo and Tension! We also love classic good ol card games, like Rummy and 6-Card-Brag.

A Good Book in Bed

I'm a huge reader, and always have been, but over the last year or so, I've felt like I've been reading less and less, so I've started setting aside more time to read in bed before I go to sleep, and I'm loving it! I'm currently reading Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty and I'm in love! Will definitely do a review when I'm finished, so watch out for that.


So those are my fave things to do on a perfect cosy winter night in! Thanks Popcorn Shed for sending me some of your delicious popcorn, my family are obsessed (especially my mum😉) What’s part of YOUR ideal night in?



What I Got For Christmas - 14 Year Old Girl's Presents 2018

Hiii! Hope you have all had the best Christmas, if you celebrate it:) I had such a lovely day and was so lucky to receive some really generous and amazing presents! I asked on my Insta story if anyone wanted to see a Christmas haul and most people said yes, so I thought I'd share over on here the pressies I was lucky enough to receive. *Disclaimer: I'm very aware Christmas is not about the presents, and I'm not trying to brag about my gifts, it's just a lot of people asked to see what I got*.

Kate Spade cardholder

My parents bought me this beauuuutiful card-holder from my favourite designer, Kate Spade, and I'm in love with it!! I did not expect this at all, and I'm so happy with it already. I've used it loads over the last couple of days, and it's the perfect size to put in my jeans pocket and feel like it's secure + not likely to fall out!

my image x

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

I also got this beautiful foundation from my parents, and I love it! I did ask for this, and I'm so happy that I got it, as I wore it on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and it was just the perfect coverage and formula. If you're looking to splurge on a pricier, high-end foundation, then I definitely recommend this.

Topshop Joni Jeans

I know Joni jeans are probably the most 'basic white girl' things, but they're really nice, and the fit is just perfect, so I can see why most of the people at my school own them!

Teen Breathe magazine subscription

I came across the magazine Teen Breathe a few months back, and I've been in love with it ever since. It's a super wholesome mag for teenagers and is all about self-love and self-care, so I'm so happy that my Nanny got me a subscription for it! (I highly recommend checking out Teen Breathe if you're from the UK or Australia).

BareMinerals liquid lipstick (in the shade Hemp)

I love love love a good ol nude lippie, and so when I opened this one from BareMinerals, I knew it was going to be perfect on me. It's a little lighter than I'd usual go to for a nude lip, but it's really pretty and looks great with a gloss layered on top.

my image x

Shopping trip

My grandparents weren't sure what to get me, so they are taking me to Westfield's in a couple of weeks for a shopping spree, which I'm super excited for! I also got some money and vouchers for Christmas so I can spend those there as well<3

Nip+Fab Skincare

From my fave guy... Father Christmas... I got lots of lovely bits of skincare from Nip+Fab, which I'm so excited to try out! I've already tried the Teen Spot Zapper which I got and it seems to be working really well.

Kikki K Habits Journal

As I mentioned in my Christmas Wishlist post I love Kikki K stationary, and I got a beautiful Habits journal from there. I'm yet to open it (I've been very very busy over the last few days), but the outside is stunning and I'm sure I'll love it!


Hope you all enjoyed this little Christmas pressie haul!! I got such lovely presents this year and I'm so grateful to have family who bought me this stuff. Thanks so much to anyone who wished me a Merry Christmas, sent me a card or gave me a gift. I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas, had the best day:) I'll be back soon with a 2018 Overview + a Winter Pamper Night Routine.

Did you get anything for Christmas? If so, let me know what you received in the comments below:)

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Out Of My Comfort Zone Winter Clothing Wishlist

Hey!! Can you believe it's DECEMBER?!! I'm so so so excited for Christmas; it's come around so fast:) As the seasons are changing, and we have lots of celebrations coming up (Christmas, NYE, Boxing Day etc), my wardrobe also needs a switch-up to suit the cold weather. So, I have compiled a Winter Clothing Wishlist filled with jackets, jumpers, skirts and more to fit with the winter months. However this isn't just a normal wishlist as all the things I'm including are very out of my comfort zone, and I'd be scared to try them. Whilst I love all the clothing featured, for whatever reason, I'm unlikely to be buying them any time soon!

UO Cable Knit Chenille Jumper in Blue

I'm obsessed with UO at the moment; all their stuff is pretty pricey (this jacket is £46, so I won't be buying it any time soon!!), but it's all so nice:) I love the deep blue shade this jumper comes in, it's a little different to the usual burgundy, nude or grey sweater in my wardrobe, and I think it would be really fun to style. I also love this cable knit style which is quite trendy at the mo:)

UO Orange Contrast Lined Pillow Puffer Jacket in Orange

Puffer jackets aren't exactly a new trend, but I still don't own a coat in that style, even though I love them. Again, I'd love to get this in the orange (which is pretty out-there for me), as I'm really trying to step out of my comfort zone regarding my fashion now, and the orange looks really cool (I can imagine with a black turtleneck and skinny jeans). It's on sale at the moment for £42 (originally £76), so it's a good discount, but still expensive!

Brandy Melville Cara Skirt (in Red, Green and Blue)

I think plaid is a really cool pattern, but I always feel like I'll look like a cowboy if it wear it, so I tend to stay away, but this skirt looks really cute and flattering. It's very wintery and autumnal, but it would also work in the summery months, so I might try this on when I next visit Brandy Melville.

Pretty Little Thing - Champagne Wrap Over Ruched Waist Jumpsuit

This is a beautiful satin jumpsuit but I feel like it would be really hard to pull off (particularly as the colour may wash out my very pale skin). And I feel like it's the kinda thing that would suit a trendy 20-something year old, not a 14 year old! Also, I find that PLT clothing isn't always the best quality (I send 90% of the things I buy from there back... just me?!), however this is only £30 which for a nice, glamorous outfit is pretty good! I'm currently looking for the perfect outfit for me to wear to brunch on Boxing Day, and this could work!

Topshop Fluffy Jumper

This is definitely more out-there for a fluffy jumper, but I think it would look really cute with jeans and ankle boots. However it is £79, so I will not be getting it any time soon haha!!

New Look Black Grid Check Trousers

I'm very much a skinny jeans kinda gal; I only have one pair of bottoms that aren't jeans!! However, I love that one pair and really want to buy a few more. Yellow isn't really my colour, however it's still super pretty and I think it looks really cool with the black. I can see a couple of my 'edgier' friends wearing this, but I feel like it would make me look like I was just wearing my PJs.

SO... there's my wishlist of things I'd love, but are very much out of my comfort zone and I will probably not be buying anytime soon!! I love clothes so much, so it was really fun to compile this list:) Do you like anything on here? What's on your clothing wishlist at the moment? What's your favourite shop?


The Best Food Gifts

Hey!! Anyone who knows me well knows that I. love. food. And as Christmas is coming up, I thought I'd compile a list of The Best Food Gifts For This Christmas (as I know that you can't really give a much better gift than food itself, plus they make such easy presents as pretty much everyone loves food!). These contain both sweet and savoury foods and include many ethical and independent businesses (which I think is really important to support). Hope you all enjoy this post and find it helpful.

bakerdays Letterbox Cake

The main thing I'll be focussing on for this post is the amazing brand bakerdays!! They did actually send me one of their cakes to try out, but all opinions are 100% my own. bakerdays sell small 5 inch cakes called their 'Letterbox Gift Cake' and they make the cutest gift. As it easily slips through a doorbox, this makes a great Christmas pressie for anyone who you don't live with, as you can just post it straight to their house. These cakes are absolutely stunning - the design is incredible. I got a thank you one for my mum and she loved it. Also the most important thing (in my greedy mind at least), the actual taste... It was so yummy! I was a little worried that because it had been shipped and moved around loads, it may not be as fresh-tasting, but it was super delicious (I'm very picky when it comes to cakes.. it has to be perfect, so I'm really happy this one succeeded). Overall, this is a beautiful and tasty cake and would make such a sweet gift this Christmas. (Also it's only £14.99 which is great for a proper, gourmet cake - none of that mass-produced, supermarket rubbish!) https://www.bakerdays.com/ Also they have 20% off atm!

Look at that design!!

Prescott's Chocolate

Ahh. Prescott's Chocolate. The world's best chocolate. (Yes, yes, I know that's a bold statement, but it's just so darn tasty). Prescott's Chocolate is an independent chocolatier based in my county (Bucks) and the lady is runs it is so lovely. I absolutely love supporting small independent businesses so if you're looking to give a chocolate-lover a present this Christmas, I highly recommend ordering from Prescott's. http://www.prescottschocolate.co.uk/


Biscuiteers is a beautiful, award-winning biscuit company and I need to make another order soon (I haven't got round to getting some in ages). They are pretty pricey, but the presentation is so so amazing (and the biscuits so yummy) that I think it's 100% worth it! https://www.biscuiteers.com/


Now I haven't tried Godminster's food myself on this one, so I can't say with 100% certainty whether it's tasty or not, but my mum has and gave it her stamp of approval, so I trust that it's good. Godminster are a very organic and ethical brand which sell cheese and they have a lovely Christmas range herehttps://www.godminster.com/

Rubies in the Rubble

Again, Rubies in the Rubble is a brand which really prides itself on being ethical; they take veg that would be thrown away as it looks a little different (nothing's wrong with the food though, it just might be a weird shape so shops refuse to sell it) and make condiments like ketchup, relish and chutney. I think this is such a good idea, and such a great company to support, so if you know a chutney lover or a weirdo person who likes to put ketchup on everything, then check out Rubies in the Rubble for this Christmas. https://rubiesintherubble.com/

SO, there you have it - the best gifts to give to a foodie this Christmas. Have you tried any of these brands before? Has this helped at all? What foods do you love giving as presents? Let me know in the comments below:)

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